SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg Employee Photos

Matt standing with his arms folded wearing a gray sweater.

Matt Roth

Matt joined the SERVPRO family in 2017, bringing with him a wealth of talent and experience.  With over 15 years of experience in construction and restoration, with 20+ years in fleet and vehicle management, Matt was a perfect fit as our Director of Procurement.  He has managed a 12,000 vehicle fleet, coordinated a 900+ automobile acquisition and served as a supervisor on projects worth millions of dollars.  Matt’s ability to manage large-scale programs, analyze profit and loss, negotiate insurance plans and budget complex company fleet plans ultimately led to his procurement role.  His past involvement managing insurance plans, automobile acquisitions, negotiating contracts and developing company programs has also proven a valuable asset at SERVPRO.  Matt continues to stay busy with managing our corporate fleet program, acquiring equipment, building materials and other items, as well as helping the team in any way he can.

Myles standing in front of a green background

Myles Moriarty

With over twenty years of construction and restoration experience, including owning and operating his own SERVPRO, Myles was a great fit to join our team. Before joining the restoration business, Myles was working in commercial buildings in the pipe and duct insulation industry.  For over seventeen years he worked on projects in hospitals, schools, universities, small office buildings and even high rises in downtown Chicago. Myles held many different positions during his career in the pipe and duct insulation trade.  He certainly learned a lot about the construction industry but also learned the significant differences between constructing a new building versus a remodel project.  Also, he gained first-hand knowledge about the demands and logistical challenges of a building addition or repair situation, both of which play a large role in the restoration industry.  His combined knowledge of both construction and restoration has proven to be a great asset with SERVPRO, but anyone who knows Myles agrees that his personality is perhaps his greatest strength.  Liked by all, Myles makes for a natural at Business Development.  When he is not working with customers or co-workers, Myles can be found on the far South Side of Chicago with his wife and four children.

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