Commercial Photo Gallery

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned sticker on window

Is Your Business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned in North Barrington?

SERVPRO® of Barrington/North Schaumburg is introducing a new, defensive cleaning program to help commercial businesses in North Barrington protect their customers and employees from infectious viral pathogens including the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Liquid puddled in a hallway in a commercial building suffering from water damage.

Office Building in Schaumburg, IL suffers Water Damage

As you can see from this photo, this office building suffered water damage caused from the floor above.  Our SERVPRO team responded quickly to mitigate the damage and get this customer back up and running. 

Liquid spilled on concrete floor creating water damage in Barrington, IL

Commercial Water Damage in Barrington, IL

This commercial property suffered water damage caused by a broken pipe.  SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg was dispatched immediately to begin the mitigation process.  A quick response is important when it comes to water damage and we are available 24/7 to help!

Gymnasium Floor Drying

A client contacted SERVPRO of Barrington/North Schaumburg to provide equipment for a water loss at a gymnasium where they were performing construction services. While we were only asked to provide equipment we strongly recommended to them that they utilize a dessicant dehumidifer rather than a conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers due to the large space. The client chose not to follow our advice so we provided them the dehumidifiers they requested.

Cleaning Project for a Schaumburg Toner Production Facility

SERVPRO of Barrington/North Schaumburg was contacted by a client to provide cleaning services for a toner facility that they were vacating. This project involve cleaning toner from floors, walls and ceilings in this 13,000 square foot facility with 27 foot high ceilings. All equipment and racking was removed by the client prior to our services being performed so we were able to utilize lifts to perform the service.

Commercial Water Loss From Roof Damage

This is a photo of water damage in a training room of a commercial enterprise. Not only did SERVPRO of Barrington/North Schaumburg need to extract the water and remove damaged materials, but we needed to make the work area safe before starting work due to both electrical hazards and structural damage to the roof and ceiling.

Restored Fire Damaged Shop of a Construction Company

SERVPRO of Barrington/North Schaumburg was called by a construction company we know to restore a fire damaged shop attached to their office building. This photo shows a restored storage shelf and ductwork in the shop after we cleaned the smoke damage.