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SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg can Provide all Types of Repairs

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

It’s not only major disasters and fires that SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg handles.

Damage can happen in different ways, from fires to wind driven rain or a flood.  There are also the types of damage that develop over time.  Perhaps you’re putting in new flooring or you replace a major appliance and discover mold or water damage.  What’s next?  Call SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg to help. 

Testing, Cleaning and Repairs

If you discover mold or another form of water damage, SERVPRO can visit and determine the extent of the damage.  Depending on the type of damage, we can also perform cleaning and/or repairs to floors, walls or other parts of the structure.  We certainly provide more than fire and disaster repairs.

For assistance with cleaning or property damage repairs, call SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg to help: (847) 526-0090

We can cover the floors as well. Repair floors, that is.

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

Among the commercial cleaning equipment that SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg has on hand, we have specialty drying mats for flooring.

One of the misconceptions of restoration work is that everything is torn out and replaced.  This is not accurate.  Yes, we do need to tear out materials in many instances but not always.  SERVPRO corporate goes to great lengths to train our staff on the latest methods and educate team members on the types of equipment available to help restore faster and without creating extensive remodeling. 

Flooring Systems to Dry Water Damaged Wood Floors

Among the equipment available is a mat system that helps penetrate flooring and wood planks.  This system is designed direct dry air beneath and in between flooring panels to remove moisture and reduce the amount of damage to your floors.  When utilized, this system can save a great deal of time and money and help complete the restoration process faster.

After a fire or water damage, call SERVPRO of Barrington / North Schaumburg to help: (847) 526-0090